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How To Find Distribution For Your Film.

1. Make A Good Movie… Please. No matter how much dedication you can put into your film to reach its audience, nothing will compensate for a bad film. 2. Research A Good Fit For Your Film. Having thought about your audience, find out which companies have recently distributed films aimed…

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The evolution of VFX

The movie industry has consistently relied on some type of visual effects. Whether it was A Trip To The Moon by Melies or the impressive Kong in King Kong (1933). As time progressed,  the amount of special effects utilized in films is constantly increasing. The early years of film making relied on…

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Why is the 70-210 mm lens my choice for street photography?

    ”Rules are made to be broken.” But which rules to begin with? Ah, the ones according to which the best lenses for street photography are the 35 or the 50 mm, apparently you feel ”closer” to your subject. But since when examples have established rules? And how many…

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About Us


In founding Victoria Films in 2014, Najat Jellab has grounded a full-bodied approach to the importance of independence and the power embedded in autonomous film production and distribution. As a Montreal-based filmmaker and producer by way of Marrakesh, Morocco, her films have won multiple awards around the globe. She has also been exploring other artistic media including photography, digital art and writing as a base for everything else.

While working mostly on self initiated projects, Najat Jellab does accept commissioned work for projects that are meaningful and have some sort of valuable impact. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel that is the case with any idea you might have in mind.