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What is advertising in our visual era?

      Advertising has evolved and still has to in our visually saturated era. Visuals are everywhere from Facebook to Instagram, street signs, advertising is just another tool used to communicate with your audience. In the midst of such solicitation, how does your voice get heard? Undoubtedly, advertising is…

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Why is the 70-210 mm lens my choice for street photography?

    ”Rules are made to be broken.” But which rules to begin with? Ah, the ones according to which the best lenses for street photography are the 35 or the 50 mm, apparently you feel ”closer” to your subject. But since when examples have established rules? And how many…

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Tips on how to direct a music video

Music direction as an independent filmmaker. Music videos can be yet another option to showcase your talent and skills as an independent filmmaker. Many artists will use your videos in promoting their craft and at the same time, you get popularity for the little time you spent in music direction.…

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About Us


In founding Victoria Films in 2014, Najat Jellab has grounded a full-bodied approach to the importance of independence and the power embedded in autonomous film production and distribution. As a Montreal-based filmmaker and producer by way of Marrakesh, Morocco, her films have won multiple awards around the globe. She has also been exploring other artistic media including photography, digital art and writing as a base for everything else.

While working mostly on self initiated projects, Najat Jellab does accept commissioned work for projects that are meaningful and have some sort of valuable impact. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel that is the case with any idea you might have in mind.