What is advertising in our visual era?




Advertising has evolved and still has to in our visually saturated era. Visuals are everywhere from Facebook to Instagram, street signs, advertising is just another tool used to communicate with your audience. In the midst of such solicitation, how does your voice get heard? Undoubtedly, advertising is the most effective way of promoting your goods or services or of informing and educating your target audience and encourage them to trust your brand .
It has conquered the entire world may it be Cinema, Radio, Internet, Photography, magazine, Television, Transit cards, Newspaper, etc.




Print Media
When it comes to advertising through print media, it still forms the most authentic sources for circulating any information or promoting any brands.
Promotion happens through magazines, brochures, door drop, catalogues, pamphlet etc.
Print media is tangible and one of the most perfect modes of marketing which give you ROI of your business campaign.

TV Ads
Media exists in every sector and technology has made it possible for us to read messages while watching TV, browsing internet, scanning through facebook account etc., But one thing you actually avoid while watching TV is primarily the advertisement don’t you? Or while watching Youtube, one thing you look for is the “skip” button.

So how do we us advertisers keep consumers attention?

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen….innovation? I am sure that’s the word the majority would think of… But the majority is wrong: you grab and keep attention with repetition and let’s not be afraid of words, by routine. For a simple reason: our brains enjoy what they are used to.

Think of a song you know and obviously you like, you won’t skip it even though you heard it hundreds of time.

So what is an advertisement that would follow this credo? A concept and a mise en scene that “rings a bell”, in other words an advertisements that within a second reminds you of some reference you are very familiar with. That is why big brands afford to hire famous actors, or add famous music tracks or use sentences or expressions that refer to a well known and well accepted context.

That certainly creates an impression that lasts long in your brain and you do want more of it.

Let’s take another example through the medium of photography marketing campaign. Visibility is certainly the key factor that contributes to the promotion of a product but aside from what could be considered as hammering people’s mind, what makes a brand successful on Instagram for example? Why would Smoothie the cat have 1.6 millions followers heading towards 2 millions while Muji global has only 1.2 millions? Smoothie the cat also sells accessories such as calendars or t-shirts while Muji as a worldwide company with millions of dollars of budget is far behind. Smoothie is not selling. Smoothie is your faithful defenceless friend. That is familiarity, that is attachment. Sales are a byproduct. Another keyword here is trust.

Technology has certainly made it easy for the industry to connect to the audience through vibrant colours but there is something technology does not bring: feelings. And feelings are built through repetition. Not innovation.
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