How To Find Distribution For Your Film.

1. Make A Good Movie… Please.

No matter how much dedication you can put into your film to reach its audience, nothing will compensate for a bad film.

2. Research A Good Fit For Your Film.

Having thought about your audience, find out which companies have recently distributed films aimed at a similar audience to the one you hope to reach. Send them an email or letter containing a brief synopsis of your film and ask them if they will consider watching it. Most will do so. Bear in mind though: sending your film en masse to all distributors is a waste of everyone’s time. We get offered inappropriate titles every week and it simply comes across as amateur. Keep in mind that smaller compagnies will spend much more time and ressources to promote your film than big ones, why? Because chances are your film is not lucrative enough compared to the so called A-List ones.

3. Film Festivals Markets.

Film markets are centred around the commerce of film whereas film festivals are about meeting a first audience directly. But who said you can’t have the cake and the cherry? Selecting the right film festival for your film is key.

4. Ask For A Distribution Plan.

There are many crooked distributors out there, who will not pay a producer their fair share of the profits, and/or will use accounting tricks such as cross-collateralization to always show a loss. So Forbid packaging because other films expenses will be added to your account. But considering you found the relevant distributor, always ask for a clear and detailed distribution plan, it should include the “where, when, who, and hopefully how much”.

5.Is Self-distribution is an option?

Though it takes time and dedication, self-distribution has greatly improved over the last years. said. Filmmakers can now hire a theatrical booker, get content up directly on Vimeo and VHX, and/or use a third party aggregator (such as FilmBuff) to get their film on a digital platform like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix.
But think of it from a consumer point of view: when was the last time you watched a small indie movie on Netflix or when was the last time you rented a feature on Vimeo? That’s right: never.

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