Creative Process

Social media for artists or much ado about nothing.

After many years of reluctance – or was it procrastination- here I am jumping in the pool of bloggers, again. There certainly is no shortage of blogs, social media posts or videos from artists for artists, actually it has even become quite difficult not to be overwhelmed by the number of so called ”experts” pretending to share experience and knowledge of what you already have experienced and what you already know. So why on earth would I want to add to so much noise?

Let us just say that among the noise we will try to create music, and truth be told, I do not believe in competition, I believe in emulation so if I really have any tip or special skill I will give it away, if I don’t I will keep a low profile. Because unlike many others, I think that if somebody can do better than me, I want to give him every chance to prove it. It is either we play a fair game or we just do not play at all.

Thanks for reading this introduction and let’s go back to real references.

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