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Why is every film festival not worth your movie?

Getting your movie into the right film festival is a tricky affair and it is something that you need to learn to save your time and money. Apart from focussing on the content of your film, you also need to be extra careful while finding out whether the list of film festivals you submit is really worth your effort, money and time.

It is important to develop a strategy to identify various festivals available and where exactly your movie fits in.

Popular/highly rated film festivals

You may think about considering larger festivals for your film distribution, which are much appreciated, prestigious and largest in the industry. But, you need to approach them with a little caution and approach them only if you think the movie you have directed is strong enough to compete with other movies and not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of media and press coverage. As you know, it is the media who make the festival, the rumours, and the buyers behaviour. This simply means do not ignore these film festivals, but also do not try to park all your eggs in just one basket.

Whether the film festival is worth to submit your movie?

Of course, film distribution matters a lot and whether the film festival is worth submitting your movie is solely based on the question whether the film festival has a film market for your movie. Yes you could hear that film festivals will bring exposure to you and your movie and have you meet an audience etc, but truth be told, it is all blabla to have you pay to submit your film, because, don’t forget, those festivals are a business and they need to be run accordingly. So don’t fall in the trap unless the festival pays you to screen your film.

Film festivals are meant to sell your movie

If you think the primary purpose of film festivals is selling your movie, then it is true. Film festivals with a strong film market can help you solve this purpose.  So you need to choose the right one.

Until and unless you get a good film market for your movie, it is like wasting your time, money and efforts submitting your movie in a list of high-rated film festivals as at end of the day, once your film is made, what matters is selling it so that large audiences can watch it.


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